How To Choose Your Domain Name And Maintain A High SEO Rank

Probably the biggest battle you will be facing when choosing a domain name for your website is choosing a domain name that can be found by new users and rank high in Google or Bing seBest Free Website builder arch results. Picking a domain name is only half of the battle, presenting your website as being an official authority on the product, service, blog, or media you are trying to market is where the rubber meets the road, but the right domain does play a key role in directing traffic. Whats important is staying up to date on the latest trends for domain-choosing so that you can stay ahead of the game when you get your website up and running.

By far your first step in choosing a domain name is one that matches your business name or represents it. As a matter of fact, if youre a small business or just getting started in business or journalism whose focus is going to be marketing to more online customers than local customers, your company and domain name go hand in hand. You will want a domain name that is original and unique to your company and brand.

One old tactic thats been debunked over the last few years is choosing a domain name that contains search keywords or that uses SEO search terms within the name itself. Avoiding keyword stuffing is a practice that not only is important to follow when adding the content into your website, you will want to avoid inserting keywords as much as possible in the domain because many unofficial and spam websites also follow this practice. You want your website to be trusted and one good way is to have a domain name free of keywords.

You also want to make sure your domain name is appropriately worded and doesnt contain too many characters. The recommended amount of characters you usually want before the dotcom is about 10, depending on how catchy your company and brand name is. Some say to use a domain name that even includes the location such as your local town or state in it so that your customers avoid any confusion or have less trouble finding you when searching for your company, but a better practice is if a company name already exists elsewhere thats the same, use a domain name that’sBest free website builder more creative or brands a specific aspect about your company and use your website to finish the branding of your company the best free website builder will do the trick to add the finishing touches to your site and domain. It is not unheard of even for some big companies to use a domain name that features a unique product theyve created over their business name in the domain.

There may be times when you find a domain name thats expired and you decide to use it, and while this may not be the first recommended practice, there are times when it is a great idea if it fits well with you or your company. In that case, you will want to make sure you use a 301 redirect service so that your customers that land on an expired domain page are taken directly to your website. This is also useful in the event that you change an old website domain and need to make sure that your customers are able to find you again. Its also more helpful if an expired domain name shows up on Googles index.

Its also helpful to use a recommended registrar to register your domain and make sure your website uses the dotcom or .net endings instead of the .biz or .tk which cause your site to lose some credibility. You may also want to get your site certified with a company like VeriSign to lend it even more credibility. Remember while your domain name isnt everything, it is by far the most important first step in marketing your website.